Do you guys still buy from AliExpress?

I used to, but I don’t anymore. I don’t even recommend. Reasons…

  1. Okay, it is true that pesa siku hizi hamna, basically. Tumesota ukweli.

  2. As the time goes by I find myself not needing nothings no more. I look around and I see many things that I bought over the time only to realise I never needed them in the first place! The ones I needed and used at the time I no longer use or need them now. And I can’t just sell them to no one. Plus items are not breaking down anyhowly like they used to, faida ya kujifahamisha how to pick the best things/gadgets, especially the smartphones.

  3. nowadays many things have become more readily available locally hata kama quality ni so-so. You save yourself the waiting for the time it takes to get your purchase. And then there is the uncertainty about the customs duty.

  4. AliExpress is really expensive. No! Not expensive! It is exorbitant! That’s what I have come to realise and it is my opinion! They sell good stuff, yes, but their prices are way crazy compared to other sites like, Amazon or eBay.

Nunua bulk items, nangojea hizi upuss zifike for resale ,walisema ni two months but already ziko njiani after two weeks

Aiii! Wewe toka hapa bwana! This is crazy!

Zinakuja in panels alafu unaziunganisha mwenyewe. Its the second time naingiza. Ali baba is damn expensive for small items unless uko na msee huko akurushie kamzigo kwa container

I like that! Go kabisaa!

So what do you do about shipping? Ikiwa 43 inch TV inauzwa 38k but shipping inakua over 70k AliExpress shipping method hii si itacost hundreds of thousands?


:smiley: :smiley:

Show me your ways master. Nakuja inbox.

How do you ship?

Tefeee last nilinunua amazon UAE,nikaweka address Salihiya,they accepted it and sent it to eastleigh hio hainaga stress mob but nakuelewa. In china kuna wamwangi na wakariuki wengi wanakujenga,weight haijaisumbua

I know a guy who knows a guy. Nitakushtua

What are you currently paying per CBM for ocean freight and per kg for air freight from CHina?

I have always known that it is difficult to get an alternative shipping method if you are buying from AliExpress. Sellers on AliExpress don’t deliver purchases in mainland China. There was a time the shipping method was automatically set by the systems. How do you make your seller to deliver your goods to wamwangi’s warehouse address in Guangzhou?

I still use Ali Express for small items. I find them quite cheap. Received below last week at my door step. The JBL speaker that cost me 7k was selling at 17k minimum locally. The 128GB memory card cost me 600 bob.

Wow. Memory cards still exist foreal?? Interesting…

JBL original?

Was it delivered na speedaf. I’ve ordered some stuff and some of them have come while others bado

Did you use mpost?

Wacha kusumbua kipiiiiii…I do cinematography and we still need memory cards…Chanuka dada upunguze ushenzi