do you believe waiguru has never met kabura

do you beleive waiguru hasnt met or spoken to kabura

I think they have a lesbian relationship


Yes, that girl is dumber than a door knob


niko river road uko wapi nikukamue

I also believe Kafogo is a pharmacist who learnt his trade pale UoN.

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Asking whether they knew each other is like asking whether the pope is a catholic


Niko home but 11am nitakua hapo Karibu na 680 tao

Is The Pope a Catholic ? I thought he was some type of Orthodox :confused:

[SIZE=5]Saw her whole defense jana ,she was well prepared and had solid answers to everything plus paper work to back it, She deflected to the arap mashamba and duale gang and somehow it does make sense .
Anyway I was left more confused than before ![/SIZE]


In short unataka @kendez mendez alipe room 680 kwa short ya dakika tano?

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That’s why she was somebody’s money mule and why she couldn’t remember anything before the PAC despite months of coaching…:D:D:D

It was like those ICC clown witnesses.

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My momo has never met Kabura. That lady lies under oath. How come for the fifteen years or so they have been close friends hakuna hata calls ama sms between the two? A whole CS helps you register 20 companies? I don’t think so



na anataka Women rape ya Kirinyaga Cownty. Hiyo kiti iwe sc"rape’d.

hii story yote lazima kuwa na part ole mashamba alikuwa involved.

in most cases when you are doing something illegal, the norm is to communicate via proxies, you dont want to start leaving back a trail now, or do you? :D:D

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Wewe ni KDF na una very bad thoughts about mpango wa your C.I.C. You need to be court martialed.


this guy is always mentioned in pretty much anything gone wrong or about to go wrong, i wouldn’t be amazed to hear something like “ole mashamba is the reason why the rains are delayed”

It’s all worth it

She didn’t have to use proxies when she was not yet the cabinet secretary. You assume she knew she would be. Right?

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