Do you believe in Majini?

Roy Mwendwa to his Dad: Utakufa lini utuachie ii mali?
Dad, Uncle Sam: My fren’ tafuta pesa yako, i swear nikikufa hakuna shilingi ata moja utaonja hapa.

Uncle Sam (Samuel Mutunga) was a prominent furniture merchant in Machakos Town. He collapsed in his house a few days ago and passed away. Later same evening, his son, Roy, had a accident, and passed away together with his son, uncle Sam’s grandchild.


Kasee, this is not mayini but a curse

is it a mere coincidence?

Hakuna coincidence hapo. The three were in the same car during the accident and died from injuries sustained from accident. Hiyo ya utakufa lini utuachie mali mimi siyui

Can these so called majini solve complex mathematical problems ? If so, it’s a high time G.o.K acquired some and placed them in some government institutions.
Treasury, ministry of roads, planning , agriculture and so on.

Then lets settle for accident.

As simple as that, period.

bonobos and superstitions:D:D:D:D:D:D:D keep it up!!!

Mukamba ndakusaa mana hehe

Nigeria ingekuwa ishabeba world cup mara kadhaa…