Do Women Still Have their Libido Past Their Menopause?

Hii kisa imenishangaza sana ati Marcella Mukami aged 85 years from Murang’a has filed a divorce case because she has been denied conjugal rights. Hii ni conjugal rights pekee ama ni juu ya pesa kahawa ama Mau Mau mahali ?


Ask @M2Random on these mattters.

Gikuyu !

More information is needed, what’s been referred to conjugal rights here :D:D:D:D:D

@pseudonym,@mrs4letters ,your hands on experience is needed here

He he he, I hope hana watoto, zile masweep watapewa I can’t imagine.

hata paka mzee hukunywa maziwa hii tunajua kutoka enzi za kale.

Shosho apewe haki yake

Huyu dry spell yake yakaribia kugonga karne moja!

@uwesmake, iko kitu hapa. Ulisema shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka!

Wapi liteskinchieth wa kukamua mabibi za watu @Quanstrom? Kuja hapa iko fresh meat chieth

Interestingly enough, as women grow older, their libido increases whereas men’s libido decreases. That’s why women in their early 30s and early 40s are so into young energetic dudes whereas the husband back at home cannot even get his junk hard. It’s fucked up.

hapa ni check mate,atapewa divorce na mali nusu or whatever has been acquired while they were together since they got married .The new spouse laws is fwacking men in the wrong holes i tell you.its high time fisis start signing pre-nupts

So after the divorce, she will commence the search for a new soul mate, huh! @Duke of Thika Road please keep tabs on this developing story, regular updates will be much appreciated.

Haha I had not thought along this angle

This is new, go to the nearest chemist and enquire about the age group purchasing Viagra, the men in the 30’s and 40’s are okay. Shida iko elsewhere.

She is probably the healthiest shosho around. At her age or even younger that part has one use only.

What did I just read. Oh no.

Haha well said at her age the role of the nunu is strictly urination…

Kuna swali mimi hutaka kujua… Watu wazee huacha kudinyana wakiwa na miaka ngapi? Asking for @FieldMarshal CouchP (MIT - Protocal observed).