Do women favor light skinned men over dark ones? Lightskin privilege is real beaches

Sympathy iko kwa Jowie from Kenyan women proves that kumbe women prefer light skin good looking men. Other than that Jowie will be wife up soon and eating meat and other goodies thanks to his prison sugar daddy. Wakiona hio matako brown they will go bonkers ata kama hao ni jambazi suguu, a man is a man, hio miaka with no sex?



Women follow the money, stop looking for the wrong things


I’m in several groups and all I’m seeing is pole sana Jowie and other sympathetic responses only men are condemning Mr. Irungu.

Yah. Women follow the money and then use the money to date lightskin handsome boys. All the women married to big shots are dating gym instructors, hairdressers and other broke lightskin hot boys. Go to any gym uone.


You see those girls dating gym instructors because that’s the demographic you wonna see. It’s not the reality though and we cannot be swayed by the nonsense that a girl will date a broke gym boy and bypass an accomplished career man with some belly fat here and there ready to give her a family that she craves for. Especially if he has an alpha/winning attitude.