Do we have free will?

Or are we just products of our environment? Ironically enough, it’s once we realise that who we are is as a result of what kind of families we were born into, what kind of schools we went to and what kind of neighbourhoods we grew up in that we are able to break free from our frames of reference and mental constructs - this is what it means to attain freedom from karma; to be real, in the moment & spontaneous and to no longer act from the habits and compulsions of the past.

Yes. Were you free to ask that question or were you determined?

Hizi ndio nonsense mtu huanza kujiuliza kabla ajinyonge.

:smiley: Ati free will, are you free to ignore hunger or lust or work for money, we are all slaves to our animal instincts, hakuna kitu kama free will

I believe his question was about determinism. Is the outcome of an event predictable given the initial conditions, the present state and any existing functional relationship between them? Or can we intervene and affect the outcome, if our intervention is virtually out of free will, intuition and rational thinking, and absolutely devoid of any influence from our past and present?

Jaba seshen inaeza shika vifyam hadi hapa

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo, ulizaliwa ukiskia njaa, nobody taught you that spiders are scary, those are fundamental animal instincts that were programmed into your genes by evolution, think of it like read only firmware ile inakuja na motherboard, you can’t change it and neither can you will it. Therefore it is already evident that the present is affected by the past. Any decisions you make is because you are reacting to those instincts, not the other way round, so yeah I think we live in a deterministic universe.

Just live life and wait for your turn to join your ancestors. Philosophy mingi achia Platos