Do relatives n family repay debts ?

Anytime I lend a relative or family member pesa , hiyo huwa sure bet hazirudi na zikirudi ako na hidden agenda …

Mine Always return. From dad’s side. We have chamas and joint property so ikifika rent inakuja you get your money back.

Mine are also repaid. Promptly. Assess how relatives wamekubeba. And only lend what you can afford to lose. If you’re tough, watatii. If you allow them to play around with you, they will use all manner of excuses to dodge you.

I know a former colleague who lent his aunt 300k from his savings na ilibaki tu mastories from here to Timbuktu. He had to write it off after a lot of struggle and after he realised it might bring drama back at home, as the aunt showed manipulation tendencies. He learnt the hard way.

Masharia uliwacha kuvuta bhangi?

@MachaaWaHadithi umekuwa landlord sasa huna time ya kijiji, sio?

Who can borrows money from fukin faggot?,I would rather die