Do relationships of PhD holders survive for long?

You will find this marriage where the husband holds a PhD and yet he is still pursuing some other degrees. Then the wife is a master’s holder and she is pursuing her PhD. Bookworms in other words. Now you find that both partners are extremely busy studying and researching stuff and mostly in campus grounds when not at work. Do these marriages survive this pressure ama it dies after a few years?

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Such a marriage will thrive because they both are occupied and busy and have no time for pettiness.



Wote ni vichwa mbaya wataelewana


Najua prof na yeye ni team lanye mbaya sana. Bibi yake ni prof pia but walikosana. Ako karibu 65years na bado ako na watoto lower primary.


That’s crazy

A PhD holder married to a normal slut is likely gonna end up committing suicide because they won’t understand each other , a PhD and PhD can have sex while each is busy reading a book or something


You people overthink things!


Bana the hio miaka unasahau kupick watoto shule wanacheza the whole day mwalimu wako anakupigia ukuje uwachukue

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Such marriages have a high failure rate. Wewe pekee try to do a degree while working. Wife atakuambia you are not mentally present. Anakuongelesha but hauskii wala hauonekani. Now imagine the two of you.

Shot moja mzito Kwa mkia per month can keep a marriage til death

Simple Answer …
NO they do Not
Such marriages have a high failure rate … :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Ruto and Rachel are holders of bachelor’s degrees. Anything else they hold is fake.


Lakini Sasa …
Mbona anabondwa hivyo …??? :rofl: :joy:

Fahali wawili hawakai zizi moja. Unless your woman looks at you like her mini god or her hero, hauna ndoa hapo.

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In Kaleo culture, women and children are all classified as “toto”! I would bend more towards that, or even the fact that there’s a great possibility that the guy doesn’t even abuse her in the first place.
It was my considered opinion on another thread, that Rachel may be epileptic or someone that experiences infrequent seizures. Not the one that gives very intense seizures, though. Possibly one that can be properly managed using medication.

Those are obsessives trying to outdo each other in a fierce competition of degrees and academic titles

The biggest predictor of marriage lasting long is the man out-earning the woman for most years during the marriage and the woman not getting caught cheating, especially when they are below 45.

The woman could have 10 Phds, and the husband could be a highschool dropout. As long as he outearns her for most years, the marriage is likely to last. Obviously, such marriages are rare because a highly educated person is likely to outearn the highschool dropout.


Mostly all I have seen, they are separated or living just for convinience… actually PhD is a high risk factor for divorce n separation in the family

watu wa degree ni idlers. mwanamke amefanya PhD akiwa bado hakafika 40 hayuko petty