Do not stare into the abyss, because it might stare back...and then what will you do...

I find our mirrors unsettling…I cannot point out exactly what about them that puts me off. However, despite my best efforts to shrug off the creeping feelings of paranoia, unease and (sometimes) outright horror when gazing into that reflection of myself. I still find myself irrationally and haveunbalanced by an item as inanimate and ubiquitous as a common blade of grass, I am as yet unable to escape or rid myself of this interminable yet seemingly chidish dread…
But to quote another fraud;

~“The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

For my fellow intrepid sojourners:


If the links do not work as I intended them to, I apologise. Tongue in cheek…


elders walisema being the first to reply to your thread is like wanking using sand paper

1 year ago

bangi time ya mvua huwa wet kiasi sio? nipoa mtu akivuta?..[SIZE=1]asking for my security guy[/SIZE]

I turned into a demon when I stare at my reflection for a long time.