Do NOT spank your Sister-in-law!

[SIZE=7]Woman stabs brother-in-law to death after he spanked her in Migori[/SIZE]

Sleuths in Suna West Sub-county, Migori County, are pursuing a middle-aged woman who is on the lam after stabbing her brother-in-law on Tuesday evening.
Eunice Adhiambo reportedly stabbed the deceased with a kitchen knife after a short argument.
Area chief Yogo Tumbo said the deceased had visited his in-law who was peeling cassava over an un-disclosed matter.
According to witnesses, the deceased then spanked his sister-in-law who was not granting him attention, orchestrating the row that turned tragic.
The suspect reportedly rose from her seat viciously stabbing the deceased on the chest with a kitchen knife.
The area chief told the media that the deceased died on the spot with his remains being moved to the Migori level four hospital mortuary pending an autopsy.
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Very violent

Wakuria wako migori county na hasira za wakisii

I was dared by my childhood buddy Kitosh (kitonga) to spank a woman hapo lithuli street mid 90’s. After I spanked, I got an immediate reaction of a slap twaaa" .
Women take spontaneous reaction after unwanted sexual advances by men. Mine was a slap, his was his life . Poor soul .

Kati ya wakisii na wameru nani wenye hasira saidi.


*who is on the lam? *… Is she on a Lamborghini? A murcielago or the indomitable?
Either way must have been an award winning spank

Hii movie ni poa kweli…

What a foolish way to die.

Seems they first argued and then she stabbed him, it wasn’t a spontaneous reaction.

A foolish woman!! She could have offered him more chance to spank until bums turn gelatinous.

Hasira ya Mkisii furaha ya mmeru

Stupid bonobos

She must have had deep hatred or jealousy towards the guy, when opportunity arose she acted swiftly.

my point exactly … She had hate or bitterness towards the guy … most likely the wife badmouthed him to her sister and they alll hated him chini ya maji coz they shared all the bad things and secrets the guy did …

Wao hawana wife inheritance ama high horse ni ya nini ?