Do Not Marry 7 types Of Women. #SharingWisdom

1.The woman who wines, complains and ‘ties a band around her head’ all the time (I. e complains of a headache or some illness but in reality she is not sick rather she is faking).

2.The woman who bestows favours, gifts, etc. Upon her husband then (at that time or the future says; "I did such and such for you or on your behalf or because of you.

3.the woman who yearns or craves for her former husband or children of the former husband.

4.The woman who has a brand mark on the nape of her neck (I.e has a bad reputation or doubts about her).

5.The woman who casts her eyes at things) I. e always looking at something to purchase, then desires it and requires her husband to buy it. (No Matter What).

6.The woman who spends much of her day enhancing her face and beautifying it to such an extent that it will seem like it was manufactured.

7.The Woman who talks excessively.

In other words, ALL women.

aki-wine si lazima aumwe na kichwa juu ya lock?


Nikuitia @Wakanyama the @native son since hauna izo mashida zimeandikiwa.

Hio number 2, ALL women do it whenever an argument regarding finances comes up.


No. 7 is a no-brainer. You can’t tag that as wisdom.

Ukifuata hii hautaoa.

That is all women. Just make sure that the one you choose you can stand

  1. na 2. usijaribu. I had some shiny eye bitch who thought she was doing me a big favor making a meal for me even when everything she is eating, cooking, drinking is on my bill. And whining? nimechoka sana, sijui naskia aje, sijui nimedungwa na toothpick(seven hours later the following day), naskia kulala etc. Alafu akiona mkuki she pretends to shudder like she is about to be slaughtered. Alafu akitoa nguo anajifanya virtuous anafunga shuka (utiaji ya kunguru buree). Na wakati mwinging kujifanya empathetic softie mtoto. meffi. Eventually niliboeka ata akaweza niwekea hiyo kitu kwa kiuno siwezi taka. kaa sa hizi naona kinanitumia message. shetani!!
    I had to keep shouting “stop complaining!!!”
    Nilisema ni heri kichwa ngumu kuliko aina hii. kichwa ngumu at least ni real hakuna kupretend because she is clear about what she wants and what she doesnt want. not a total pretender.
  1. Al-Annaanah
  2. Al-Mannaanah
  3. Al-Hannaanah
  4. Kay’atul-Qafaa
  5. Al-Haddaaqah
  6. Al-Barraaqah
  7. Al-Shaddaaqah
  1. dem mwenye ako uncircumcised

Oh man I relate so much. The current mbich is good in everything except the constant whining about her being sick. Mara sijui headaches, tumbo,excessive sleepiness to “I don’t even know what’s wrong with me”. Jana yote nilishindwa nikiendea Eno mara maji baridi and all this while she’s healthy enough to be on Instagram. So relieved ameenda kwao sahi. What was expected to be a chill sleep over ended up costing me around 1400 and am not even a birrionaire.

hehe ni upuuzi self indulgence to the point of self destruction. Some engage in this kind of bullshit for so long so that ehy do not know when age is creeping in. Unapata mtu ako 26 bado she is whining throughout destroying herself in the process of seeking satisfaction through attention seeking. Turns her whole life to attention seeking and vanity.

Navy seal thought unapenda kunyonya labia?

Alshabab hizi ni gani

Hizo hapo juu in that order.

I have one who is always sick. Ukisema aende hosy haendi because she know she isnt actually sick

Some wanakuanga na cramps that time of the month. It is painful.