Do Murkomen and Other elected leaders know why they were elected ?

It’s ridiculous, watching our elected leaders complaining of issues that they should be debating on the floor of National and County assemblies.

Kahuni maicha umechiba maicha kweri ama ni umeffi tu umejaza kwa hio kifuniko yako ya shingo???

Ahhhhhh ! ! ! ! Walimwengu banaa ! ! ! Matusi ya nini Bha Mkubwa ?

Kahuni rudi ukalale uote na hao leaders ndio uwaelewe.
Meanwhile continue refilling your lube coz they gonna be at the helm for a long while

Kalameni ayapata yasiyokuwa yale alitarajia.

They were elected to purchase homes in Runda and Karen. And pay rent for kunguru in Westlands. Everything else is irrelevant. Nyinyi endelea ku complain. And pass your vote to them again in 2022.

Of course they know why they were elected. To get back their campaign investment, with a profit; at all costs.

This is funny coming from cūnts who voted for thief waiguru instead of karua