Do Mosquitoes Feed Exclusively on Blood?

[SIZE=6]Do Mosquitoes Feed Exclusively on Blood?[/SIZE]

There are many interesting facts about mosquitoes that most people do not know about. For example, mosquitos are from the same family as the common house fly. They can certainly be a nuisance as well as a danger, easily transferring disease to humans as they feed on blood. However, did you know that human and animal blood is not the mosquito’s only dietary choice?

It turns out that just female mosquitoes dine on blood. In fact, they only need blood when they are in their reproduction cycle. The protein in blood is necessary for the female to produce eggs that will mature to hatching. When not in the reproduction cycle, female mosquitoes join their male counterparts in dining on flower nectar.

Mosquitoes are not a significant problem unless they congregate in large numbers around open water or food sources. Should you have a mosquito problem on your premises, then Pest Control should help. We urge you to take a mosquito infestation seriously due to the risk of the spread of disease.

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