Do men with mommy issues end up dating up wamamaz

Do men with mommy issues end up dating up? Wamamaz.
Because of the void of that maternal love they seek it in relationships? Is this scientific or what do you think?
These new phenomenon of reversed age dating something to ponder.

No they become simps, captain save a whore, most you will notice marry single mothers wakisema they don’t want the child to grow bila baba, I hv seen that shit, the whore will never respect him anashinda mtaani akipeana kuma.

The guys huwa soo desperate, he rather stay with a cheating kunguru than be alone, kazi ni kulia “usiniache”, then the kunguru anapata ball ya landlord . And blame the simp that it’s his fault bla bla bla, na nugu inaingia box.

Very sad shit.