Do Kienyeji Men also exist?

You know the sort of guys I’m talking about. They’ve got thick accent, and grew up in shags. They’ve got a utensils-rack in their bedsitter, and everything is neat and tidy.

They have a predilection for white vests. They’re also very judgemental, and rarely smoke cigars.

They grew up without a T.V, and their one dream in life was to own one. Hence the first thing they purchased in college was a T.V set, either analog or digital.

They own a water jug.

They normally wear trousers with white lining on the pockets. You know the kind of trousers I’m talking about – formal trousers with the pocket entrance coloured differently.

I see you want to bust cheeks.

Ghey ship, abandon!

Are you a plumber, specializing in opening man-holes?


Come out from the Closet

these are the rich guys today

Sema tu unataka kubomolewa mkunduuuu

Nigger went ballistic gay.


tumeona hii hadi tumechoka. Why don’t you start a thread about this screenshot?

Facts remain that ulitombwer matako ukawa mwenda wasim[ATTACH=full]438309[/ATTACH]


Vyenye wote wamesema apo juu. Jitoe kwa closet ama utokelezee