Do Kenyan truckers communicate??

I was wondering how do Kenyan truckers communicate when hauling cargo? I rarely ever see trucks with CB radios or any form of communication that would warn each other of dangers ahead and when exactly to slow down and watch out for black spots.

Establishing a common communication protocol between truck drivers would go a long way in actually improving road safety because drivers could warn each other if the load they’re carrying is loose from the trailers, dangers ahead from bandits so they’d form convoys, flagging down of corrupt police officers, etc.

The system is very beneficial because it can even offer direct contact with long-distance bus drivers where they can warn a driver to slow down, traffic situations, road conditions etc.

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Does this happen @Meria Mata

in Kenya hii ni hekaya but soon it will be a reality, if tour drivers can communicate why not truckers.
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Logistics firms are going to have to start adopting these types of systems so they’re constant communications with there trucks. And trucker drivers are in constant communication with each other. Thus offering better reliability with there customers and drastically improving on road safety.

communication with the company is there, ile hakuna ni ya other truckers and drivers on the road

They do but in very rudimentary way meaning that very little information is shared in a random way and among very few. CAK should provide a free radio frequency for this purpose and L believe our artisans will come up with suitable gadget.

@Meria Mata , @amun just have a couple of your trucker colleagues buy this

It will catch on. Or is there a law against it?

Kuna whatsapp group ya watu wamekamua pseudonym. It is the one that gives us accident alerts on ktalk.

si hii ndio iko kwa tour vans

cheza chini, i remember the day uliingia, ilesiku invite link iliangushwa hapa.

This I must find.


Leta link mkubwa

Damn good 70s movie. Macks, Kenworths, Scamells machini za nguvu.

Jibu hii swali upate wrink
A 26 wheeler German truck iko na gear ngapi za reverse?

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For any RF transmission you need a licence from CAK.