Do Kenyan Politicians ever take themselves seriously:Case Study Gideon Moi

Source:the star
Details have emerged of Gideon Moi’s elaborate plan to revamp and re-brand Kanu to take on Deputy President William Ruto for the country’s top seat.
Inside sources have revealed that Gideon has lined up a series of political activities aimed at rejuvenating the moribund independence party in readiness for the 2022 General Election.
The party national chairman has planned meetings with delegates across the country as part of the wider plan to make the ‘Jogoo party great again.’
Key in the plan is the re-branding and renaming of the country’s oldest political outfit to shed off the jinx that has been associated with it and registration of members. It is set to be renamed[SIZE=5] Kanu-Fresh. [/SIZE]
“Gideon is eyeing a bigger seat in 2022. Kanu diehards Francis Atwoli and Nick Salat all said they are going to revamp the party. In the new arrangement, I think they are supposed to give him a key post, either Deputy President or something in the expanded Executive,” Andati said
The activities come barely a month after the Baringo senator was handed a rungu, a political baton, by his elder brother, Raymond, during the burial of their father, Moi.
“The cock himself has gone. And if he is gone, I will give Gideon this baton. If he plays with it, I will be here. I am not a statue,” Raymond, who is the Rongai MP, said during the burial in Kabarak.
“He doesn’t have that national charisma Mzee had. He is also known to be fairly stingy. People associate ‘Moism’ with money. Gideon only has the name, he has the money but he will not spend it,” he said.
He added that the Baringo senator does not have the charisma and energy to traverse the country as his late father did.
“He is more of aloof. He is struggling to learn Swahili yet he went to St Mary’s High School with Uhuru Kenyatta. He does not speak Kalenjin, he does not speak [good] Swahili. So it is very difficult for him to connect with the people,” he said.

Gedion speaks very good Kalenjin to be honest

Yeah, the Doktari kind of persuasion.

Gideon’s political career ilikufa na mzee,nigga is very stingy and he won’t go far----bookmark this post!

If we get a parliamentary system, its possible for him to be president.

But with the current system where he needs to appeal to the people as opposed to crafting deals with MPs as is the norm in a parliamentary system, he wont go very far

People have lost faith in kenya politics…some atleast

the only way to improve kenya is to throw most politicians to the toilet and flush… we need to get rid of uhuru ,ruto, raila ,mudavadi and all these politicians …coz like it or not , gideon, wamalwa ,mudavadi ,kalonzo and their children will always be in government positions …they help each other out !

Waititu was the first member.