Do Aliens Exist?

They’ve been watching us ever since the dinosaurs were on this planet - you guys really believe a meteor wiped out all the dinosaurs? A much more advanced alien civilization were exploring space looking for planets that can harbour life, for their own experiments.

They found Earth, which had all the right conditions for life, only one problem: it was dominated by gigantic beasts (dinosaurs) so they wiped them all out and left the land, water and smaller creatures untouched. Then comes their experiment: mankind.

They took the most intelligent creature on this planet (chimpanzees) and mixed it with either their own DNA or another creature’s DNA to make humans (we share 96% DNA with chimpanzees). And they have been watching their little experiment unfold ever since.

They are watching how we develop, how we go from carts to cars, from trains to airplanes, how we interact with each other, how we go to war with each other, and so on. When they are done with us, they will wipe us out just like the dinosaurs, or use us for a sinister purpose.

It’s not that crazy of a reality. Aren’t we humans in space looking for Earth-like planets? (NASA Kepler mission)? Wouldn’t NASA, if they found primitive life on another planet, observe this planet and possibly experiment with it? So why is it so crazy that maybe a much more advanced civilization elsewhere in the universe which is maybe thousands of years ahead of us is doing the same thing?

Be very afraid

Yes. @Mosa is an alien

Taking the size of the universe into account, it’s statistically improbable that we are alone in it.

Do white elephants exist? Do talking cows exist somewhere deep in the universe?

we could be alone. life is 4 billion years old and earth is 4.5 billion years old. the universe is only 13 billion years old (best guess) and things are just unfolding. we are the first maybe or one of a few that have existed billions of years apart.
beware that maths and physics tend to fail in really really large scale calculations and have many gaps in them. for example, what is the largest number? thats a gap that means that there is a dimension we are missing or are incapable of perceiving.

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Scientists estimate that planet Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. The earliest evidence for life comes from 3.4 billion-year-old mats of bacteria called stromatolites in Australia. Since even bacteria are biologically complex, scientists think they arose from life forms that got a foothold on Earth even earlier. "That suggests it wasn’t terribly improbable, the evolution of life, because it happened very quickly,

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Either there are aliens out there or not, but both thoughts are equally scary.

Given the trillions upon trillions of planets (they are so numerous that even our own maths cant adequately count them), there are probably millions upon millions of civilizations. Some can probably travel the stars while others are probably still running around in their birthday suits. Also, think about all the UFO sightings seen by masses of people simultaneously. Even Jimmy Carter says he saw a UFO.

Some world governments know of this existence but they insist on flying missions to mars ati to look for bacteria under the soil.

One UFO incident I believe is the Rosewell crash of 1947.

I like your theory here.



And God said let us make man in our OWN IMAGE. Read the Bible objectively and you will fill the gaps in between.

Maybe we have really convinced ourselves that we actually exist… Maybe it’s just a big dream in the world of the dead…

I heard they also discovered that Pluto is no longer a planet…SMH
Human beings have never accepted that they are subjects to a Supreme Being i.e. God who cannot reveal the “back-end code” to them. The farthest they have gone is a nuclear reaction…they are now trying to see whether colliding the nuclear particles can reveal something more at the Cern labs. Dumb humans.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
[SIZE=1](Or they are plotting an artificial apocalypse at Cern?)[/SIZE]

I do believe we are not alone,back in 89 my friends and i saw a round object on a sunday sky around 6 in the evening .we couldn’t think remotely of aliens,didn’t even know of aliens other than a ‘flying shinny metal ball’.The next day at school i was giving hekaya when one of my classmates said that he saw a similar thing the evening before,mind you,i was living in calif,the boy in dago,I vividly remember the shape hence it was not military nor a toy.Weather it was a collective hysteria or a gimmick i’ve never refuted claims of UFO’s,the universe is too diverse for for humans to be alone.

pilots do get fired under “mental incapacitation” if they bring about UFO speculation,:D:D:D:D you can’t be cookoo and fly

“Aliens” have been one of the biggest deceptions in the history of Mankind . Yes they exist , but they are not what most people think they are. “Aliens” are actually a very clever masquerade from the darkside with the aim of masking the true identity of the beings behind the “alien” facade , Demons .

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These making man in our “OWN IMAGE” is genetic modification according to other sources

The earth is flat