dna and the children who were not his

hes not bitter, hes never been bitter, but at least let them hear from him.
Before you decide to coparent, take care of kids outside your marriage, kindly go for DNA, it’s cheaper nowadays. Mothers are opening up to their children, telling them the truth about their fathers and reasons why they chose you inplace of their biological father. Then advising them to finally locate their fathers, whom they’ve already met. his case is the same.
For 24 years he’s taken care of his triplets. Two daughters and a son right from a 2 months pregnancy to 24 years. Every single coin, he’s paid without lamenting since they agreed as a family that I do it. The kids have been visiting, staying at his home all a long after schools to finally in college. From clothes, to food, to shelter to school fees and anything they needed, he catered for it. When their mother died last year, he wanted them come home officially, but they insisted they wanted to finish college first. he didn’t refute since they were his kids whom he got at the age of 18 years.
Right now, they’re with their father. They knew him all these years, they used to visit him, they have his photos and they have lived supporting him on the few coins he sends them. He is even the man who buried their mother when she passed on. So, here he is, having spend all that money on them, but it’s just a lesson. If he wanted to take the case to court he would have, but to what benefit? All he does wish is he had taken time to know this truth.
It’s a lesson men should learn. Don’t think these kids are that naive. Most of them are only sticking with you because they know you’re capable of helping them. Once they gain, they will forget about you and go after their blood. Do the right thing, go for the tests and invest only in truth.


Very true

Very soon the government will ban DNA tests without the consent of both parents. “Both” meaning the mother.

Why? Because anything that benefits men has a history of being criminalized.

Men are the backbone of the economy and the powers that be can’t let them off the hook that easily. Never.

Here’s what they will do. They will use the good old trick and pass the law. Then the penalty for breaking that law will be 5 or 10 M per violation or a minimum prison sentence of 10 years. That way, rich men will have the freedom to test without consent while most men who are peasants anyway will be bound by that law.

The ruling class cannot afford to free peasant men from responsibilities. The economic cost is too high.

nonsense , we know you regurgitate redpill literature you plagiarize from american/european forums. kama hii unaongea is something that can only happen in the west so ukaona mtu ame post ukakuja kutapika hapa uonekane smart but wewe ni umbwa koko tu.

Kenya hata 1/3 gender rule iko kwa the supreme law of the land imekanyagiwa with misogynists in parliament , hio ujinga unaandika ndio itapita.

go look for a KDF soldier akununulie Pilsner akutombe upunguze plagiarism . brown umbwaaa homosexual @Azor Ahai

Technically can you really ban dna. I just swab the baby’s mouth when the mother is not in the room.

ban inaweza hold juu ndio dna test ifanyike, watasema mama na baba wakuwe hapo na warecord video wakisema wana allow hio dna test ifanyike

but hapa ni kenya.
hio kitu haiwezipita

baba abby lazima alifanya test kwanza kabla alipe mama abby 90k p.m.

You can criminalize it. In France, paternity tests are illegal. Obviously, I don’t support banning of paternity tests, which I think is what village ghaseer @uwesmake understood when he responded bitterly to my post. I’m just reporting what I think will happen, not what I want to happen.

Most people do not predict the future. We are living in the past of Europe and it is only a matter of decades before our society reaches where they are today. Obviously, most people would not understand. Check this excerpt and read the BS reasons the courts in France gave to ban paternity tests.

If those samples were found in the post by officials on their way to foreign laboratories, the French men who sent them could theoretically face a year in prison and a 15,000 Euro fine. This year the ban was challenged but the French Government decided to uphold and maintain the anti-paternity testing law.
The reasons for which the Government said the ban should remain were related to the preservation of peace within French families. According to some online articles, Germany, has also banned (or plans to ban) paternity testing for similar reasons. French psychologists suggest that fatherhood is determined by society not by biology. For this reason, the President’s wife Carla Bruni describes her father as the man ‘from whom she takes her name’. She is friends with her biological dad too but she doesn’t refer to him, or think of him as, her father.


Obviously, a bonobo like @uwesmake does not know that Africas present is Europes 1990s or 80s in legal (not all) aspects. As an African, you literally have the advantage of foreseeing the future. Heck, even our constitution was plagiarized from them anyway (before it was changed).

In France, the fine is 15,000 Euros or a year in prison. That’s how laws are structured to allow only wealthy men to take that risk and I suspect (not want) that’s what is going to happen in Kenya in future. You can’t see it coming, but I can. Poor men are the real backbone of the economy and freeing them from parental responsibilities is a price most governments aren’t willing to pay.

Morons like you lack foresight. 20 years ago nobody paid child support in Kenya…what happened?? You think that the status quo will remain forever. If it has happened in France and Germany already, it will probably happen here in the 30s. Do I support it? Hell no because I’m a man. But it is my civic duty to wake morons like you up who are still trapped in the matrix.

If I told you that the government would start enforcing child support in the 1990s, you would have given a similar bullshiett answer. Yet today, more men in Kenya are being taken to court over child support issues.

I get it. You don’t want the laws banning paternity tests to be passed. Guess what, neither do I. But that doesn’t change what’s likely to happen in a decade or two. Instead of attacking the messenger, use that knowledge to your advantage. Test your 30 brats now when you still can.

Just goes to show youre a robot regurgitating everything online to prove how smart you are. In essence youre dumber than a rock. Men will always provide for kids, whether DNA test has proven they are liable or not, whether they are aware or not, somebody will always step up. The idea that somehow DNA testing will affect economics is ridiculous. Kazi ni kuokota vitu online but hauwezi fanya critical thinking.

You cannot compare child support to paternity tests. Matter of fact child support is based on paternity test.

I thought you said that men will always be liable for child support, DNA proof or not. How then is child support based on paternity tests? Ama you have the memory of a goldfish juu your two replies written less than 5 minutes apart contradict each other.

Imma tell you what you always tell niggas… Bonobo shida yako ni comprehension. Soma pole pole uelewe. Lakini shida ya talkers hukuanga wapi very simple sentences wanashindwa kuelewa.

Paternity testing is already illegal in some European countries. Wanasema its to preserve family harmony. :smiley:

mujinga. The same way there are backstreet abortio,n clinics is the same way backstreet clinics testing D.N.A will sprout up. The government may ban something but blackmarkets will always sprout as a result.


Malisaa hiyo ghaseer

Lipa child support polepole mnyonya boro, @azor mohahi has a point

We all know Europe is no place for a man in a cesspool of feminists.