DL Renewal

Any one with any idea on how to go about it ! Seems like a cluster fuck, I have paid through tims but no instruction on how to get the sticker !
Have seen people bitching for sometime about the site, I remember how straight forward it was. The Buggers don’t even respond on twitter !!!

Endea physically. Wataprint hapohapo uki insist.

ingia ecitizen,NTSA, see if there’s receipt,you can print the renewal from there. Tims wafunge,its such a hustle

Uliupgrade to smart card DL ama bado uko na ile ya kitambo ya red?

I have the receipt ya renewal but hakuna ile step where one printed the little sticker u put on ur DL

The old one

As @Tom Bayeye says.
In E-CITIZEN-NTSA, there’s a way to print the sticker, but it’s not straightforward. Try this:
After you open your Application History, you’ll see the history and at the end of each entry there is VIEW. Click the entry you wish to print–I guess it should be the most recent entry the one on top. Clicking VIEW should open a window that shows you the details of your renewal. Click the PRINT/DOWNLOADS button at top right corner of the page. You should now see the sticker as it should look when printed. Then you can print it.

WTF !!! this apes have 3 sites ,tims.ntsa.go.ke, timsvirl.ntsa.go.ke and ecitizen.go.ke the last one is the one that has the “View” option and from there I can just see the last years sticker. I did it on https://tims.ntsa.go.ke I guess this systems are not connected !!!

This fucking country

Basi ingia ecitizen . Thats where i printed mine from . I understand uko na DL ya kitambo.


Lazima uende physically huko, no two ways. I renewed for a colleague and for a week it hadn’t been updated showed as expired.

She had to go there and her records were updated and was told to wait for 2 weeks for the smart DL to come out.

Kama una ya kitambo si uende e citizen alafu uende ntsa u print. Nikuulize ulipewa option ya 1 year ama 3 years coz niliacha kama hakuna option ya 3 years yenye iko ni 1 year pekee.

Pole sana, it’s time wasting. I usually use e-citizen. Glad uliweza kusaidika.

Shida ni I already used https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/ and paid for the 3 years, that’s the only option, didn’t know bado one can use the ecitizen.

Iyo ya tims ni kama ukona iyo DL mpya smart card. Kama DL yako ni ya kitambo unaenda e citizen unaprint na huko.

The smart DL also has an expiry date.


So I have to get another ID looking kaplastic?

Yes. It is valid for 3 years. NTSA just complicated this stuff. Ya kitambo ilikuwa rahisi just visit a cyber and in minutes you are done. Hii ya smart card imecomplicate vitu. A shit move by NTSA. Sasa every 3 years utakuwa unaenda ntsa kufanyiwa renewal. Tumerudishwa enzi za kupiga laini. Kwanza saa hii vile printers hazifanyi. Mtu ali apply DL june hadi wa leo hajapata.

Ghasia wacha kuanika umaskini wako hapa. Look for 3k and go register for the smart DL in the nearest NTSA office. It will be out in a week