DL Renewal time

Wadau how long does it take kurenew hizi DL mpya?
Naskia rumours ati inachukua 2 months na yangu inachapa next week.

Ukijuana na hao watu 3 days, that’s how long I waited for mine

sijui mtu hapo god damn. Damages?

Chukua ya 1 year for 650. Hio ni instant hapo e citizen



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Uza mkia tight huduma center

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Wrestling Delete This GIF by Howdy Price

Ukishaingia smart DL, hakuna reverse back to hio ya kitabu.


Really? Never knew that. The smart DL is just too much work


After renewal print the payment receipt. If stopped by traffic police show them the receipt. They will understand you have done your obligation. Then nikitambo Karao aniulize DL. They rarely ask unless uko na makosa

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Thanks to digitization

Where did all the brave men of COVID times go? My DL expired in February and I have never bothered to renew. Hii miaka yangu nikakutana na police who doubts my abilities to drive juu Sina DL nampeleka kwa Ombudsman apelekwe Mathare akapimwe akili.


Wacha uoga…bora uingie ecitizen na uapply stori inaisha hapo

There was a time I drove from Kampala to Nairobi with an expired DL. I was stopped by some two cops before i reached Eldi. One of them exclaimed ati “walalala, umefanya makosa kubwa sana!” I knew I was finished. The poor guy proceeded to tell me I had not signed that renewal paper. He gave me a pen to sign and bade me farewell. Poor sod didn’t notice the DL had expired many moons before! :rofl:


They should introduce instant DL renewals. Hii maneno ya kupiga laini kila wakati haileti shangwe.

for the smart DL you renew online then go for bio-metrics capture tena, then wait for the physical card itoke, give it like 2 months. Lakini as long as umelipa and renewed online you are good, that can be confirmed via sms, ama if you have a smartphone download that ntsa app and you can show cops that digital dl hapo.

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why shouldnt they make the process easier by renewing online like before? hii maneno ya kuenda kuchuukuliwa biometrics is very incoviniencing and leads to increase in corruption.