DJI Mavic all I want for Xmas

This is the successor to the Phantom 4. It packs the same tech as the Phantom but in a smaller more compact form. It can follow you in tracking mode, has obstacle avoidance, precision landing technology, fly-back-home feature, 7 kilometer range, 64 kph top-speed, 4K UHD video, 12 Megapixels still photos, and 27 minutes fly-time. Best of all it folds up so you can stuff it into a small backpack when going hiking or biking in the bundus. And for accessories you can get the DJI Goggles and fly FPV (First Person View) in an immersive VR like experience. This thing has the GoPro Karma beat by a mile and a half.

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How many licenses do you need for this?

The regulations are not out yet. KCAA are dragging their feet on this. But the draft regulations released earlier this year say you will have to get the following:

  1. Approval from the Ministry of Defence. This is a security screening measure to ensure the ‘watu-wakule-kwao’ brigade do not use drones for nefarious purposes.
  2. A UAV license from KCAA
  3. 3rd party insurance (in case you crash the thing on someone’s property and damage it).

Other than that there are rules like a maximum flight height of 400 feet, no flying near airports (maybe a 5 km radius), you must maintain line of sight to the drone, no flying in populated areas or over people… basically the common sense stuff.

Lakini 27 mins flying time ni kidogo sana bana

Depends on the application. For most videography that is quite good. Plus you can always carry extra batteries for longer flight time.
If you want to stay in the air upwards of an hour, what you need is the Parrot Disco. But its a fixed wing so it can’t hover or fly slow.

There’s the other one called Chroma ready to fly that can do atleast 35 mins

Nimeona DJI Mavic Pro nikadania ni software fulani

Iko na night vision?

Also asked myself that question. Couldn’t find any evidence it has night vision. That would have been so cool

Afadhali ninunue hizi hapa…
For a total sum of $399299.99 (na hiyo drone hapo juu ni $999).

ya u DJ…hehehe