DJ Trump Bad, Nancy Pelosi Mad


Makasiriko Tuesday, hapa ni mafeelings tu

Very bad manners but our very own homegrown konyagi 1 and mganga wa risasi moja are in Washington to teach them how to build bridges.

She threw a temper tantrum after Trump (apparently) refused to shake her hand.

But worry not, the handshiek bros are in town!

Dems should get their act together. Fucking up caususes? First their chief walks out on Syria talks, engineers witch hunt, conspires an impeachment, institutes it, delays submission of articles to the senate, snubs her duty to properly address Trump to give the speech, (expects a hand shake? If I was Ttrump I would say I turned before I saw the handshake coming. Because, anyway, I did not expect a handshake to come from someone who was obviously trying to bury a knife in my back ). And then tears up a copy of the SOTU speech! As if it was Trump’s speech…


Tilump ataosha hawa ghasia by 6 am.


:meffi::meffi: ulipereka wapi hakili?


Huko matharoini

@Donald Trump will win by a landslide. Mueller nonsense si iliisha?


Trump ako sawa kabisa, major power move over there

Say what???

You of all people, you know what bad manners is???!


When asked about ripping the speech:

Q: Why did you tear up the speech?

PELOSI: “Because it was the courteous thing to do… It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

Courtesy Reddit. Maan, she’s pissed.

Demos need a new leader

It seems like a really long bad joke seeing the recent developments in US.

Lakini kusema ukweli, si Trumpf supporters mko hapa? Hebu explain the rationalization you use to support him tucheke kidogo?

what rational do you use to hate him or not support him? or even better what rational do you use to support pelosi?

For starters, that SOTU address was a huge pile of bullcrap.
Secondly, this mofo lies every single day and is unfit to be president. I understand Pelosi’s resentment.

  1. He has kept Republican support strong and unwavering. No one is going to stop Americans supporting this fella by just insulting him.
  2. Economic (average salaries, unemployment, GDP, strong earning on stock market
  3. Forced people (in Europe and Asia) who have previously taken advantage of the USA (freeloaders) to come to negotiating table with better deals
  4. He is strong enough to survive sexist, mysogynist, racialist accusations…tells you a lot about the resilience of his character (in fact they seem to be improving and strengthening his standing)
  5. Moving the US towards a more dominant and powerful powerful position (towards the end of last year, China is slowly realizing why their economy is not the behemoth they thought it was)
  6. Surgical precision at dismantling his opponents (hata sasa ask the Democrats they can say without stuttering who they think they have who can stand against Trump).