DJ Joe Mfalme To Remain Under The Loving Arms Of Onyi For The Next 14 Days

A Kibera court has allowed an application by the police to detain DJ Joe Mfalme and six others pending a further probe into the alleged fatal assault on Kabete cop Felix Kelian.

Magistrate Margret Murage said the suspects will be detained for 14 days.

The DCI had requested 21 days but the court said 14 days would be sufficient.

DJ Joe will be detained at Muthangari police station together with Eric Gathua and Simon Wanjiru.

Allan Ochieng will be detained at Kabete police station while the three officers Khadija Abdi Wako, Sammy Rotich and Agnes Mogoi at Riruta station.

The court directed the matter to be mentioned on April 8.

The police told Kibera Principal Magistrate Margret Murage that preliminary investigations revealed the deceased was involved in a slight non-injury accident while driving his car along Kikuyu road.

He allegedly hit a vehicle with five occupants namely Allan, Eric, Simon and Dj Joe and one more who is still at large.

In his affidavit, Fredrick Kosen a police officer attached to DCI Dagoretti said what followed was an altercation that led to the deceased being beaten by Allan, Eric, Simon and DJ Joe.

No one to blame but his big Ego… iwe funzo.


They require more time so they can bungle the case properly!


why such distribution of detention cells?

Pale Muthagari ni kunoma, Onyi wa huko anabweka oya Munoru, kuja zugusha hii tumbo kama vile unafanyaga akitumia kichwa ya dj kama roll on

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Kiss all corporate clients goodbye. Amerudi 2 steps back kama ilesiku ya shaffie weru


It helps piece the case better. It exposes loopholes in the accused testimonies and confessions.

I bet this Kabete cop, being a cop, was perhaps proud, arrogant, and egoistic, prompting a confrontation. Too sad and may his soul RIP.

Personally nikiwa out sipendi ngori esp when am outnumbered . Kuuliwa ni rahisi sana. People are crazy out there


The remandees have been distributed according to tribe


Sasa ndio atakuwa famous zaidi. Look at Shemale Aisha Jumwa


Anaeza tumia hii kesi kuingia politics. The coverage is good for him.

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Lakini hii kesi hao karao watatu ndio murderers but DCI lazima wakamuwe huyo DJ vilivyo

Joe Mfalme anatumika kama scapegoat.