Dj Joe Mfalme making hay while the sun shines.


If you supply him with your valley arcade wifi ya 300mbps i will be his regular stirrer customer

It’s not a gay friendly bar. Stick to your kiambu road hideouts

Do you understand the meaning of making hay while sun shines? 8.4.4 Itatuonyesha maneno. Idiot.

He speaks big…anyway how are you,it’s been a while,how are you doing?

Senior bachelor with a purpose in life…

The DJ alifunzwa investment kitambo na Kirubi the original bazu

Smart ninja


Jamaa atajua hajui. Kuna lockdown coming soon

Whatever happens he has invested. Weka pesa yako karibu na makende.

Has he rented a building and set up a club or he actually built the club?? Either he congrats to him.

Jealous people proverbs