dj fatxo haponei walai


If you only had this passion when in school

That fat DJ royally screwed up. Hii ndio ubaya ya “kujuana na wakubwa.” You get so comfortable na una-develop impunity flani. The ghaseer never imagined online keyboard warriors would come for him so rabidly. He must have thought he’d gotten away with it, since the case went viral about a week after Jeff’s burial. It can’t be the first time he’s killed, judging by how casual they were about the entire thing.

Silence ya samidoh a cop ,should scare him stiff !!!

Hapo hata ndio mambo Iko…The way samidoh is famous and liked by many people,lazima kuna hata makarao marafiki wake watajitolea waondoe hio kijana na hao washukiwa wengine duniani after some time baadaa ya things cooling off and them dropping their guard.

Yala is a river with water.

I dont think Samidoh will let this go. Hapa lazima watu walale ndani. Fatxo naye career yake hapa imeenda ivo tu. No one will want to be associated with a killer.

Huyo DJ Shoga gang ya @Thirimaii ina mgoja kamiti. Sabuni lazima aokoteshwe.

Who do you think is funding all the demos and online pressure?

Throw in the political connections of the mistress in Parliament na that funny kakijana DJ is cooked…

Most likely the cousin and the driver will be the scapegoats who will rot in jail. Obado case was the perfect case where every evidence was directed towards obado but the bodyguard and the driver are right now rotting in jail.

Because those two were the one’s who committed the actual crime, not Obado… even though it’s possible he/his wife is the one that commissioned the hit.

Evidence showed obado phone and car was at the scene. The court ruling was the bodyguard had his phone and the driver had his car. The clusterfuckery in this country is beyond repair

Homosexual Fatxo is not Obado. Unless you want to say that he is the governor of homosexuals in Nairobi and therefore a very powerful man.

Bonobos need to learn that courts of law go by what can be proved, not by what makes sense to the public.

Samidoh’s bro Karis Magik has mwagad a lot of money. He is a mover and shaker in Kenya’s mugithi scene. The guys that own the nightlife. His music is not as big as Samidoh’s but he has a lot of money and owns several nightclubs. And of course Karen has made herself very useful with her UDA connections.
We are reading that this is not Fatxo’s first murder…so why has the Mugithi scene been quiet about shady goings on in the industry? our youngstas should boycott mugithi nights until this murder is resolved. DJ Fatxo can consider his career kwinished in the meantime.

NETWORTH ya huyu mugithi homosexual DJ FATXO ni billions ngapi analipa kila mtu from govt pathologist to police commissioner ? kama ni mdosi hivo anaishi 50th floor kwa nini akicheza mungiki nonsense mpaka saa kumi ya asubuhi ? hizi jaba CSI reports zikae huko kwa ZUKABAGA

:D:D:D the evidence said that network triangulation showed obado personal number, the driver’s and bodyguard’s number at the scene. Why did the bodyguard have his phone and Obado’s phone and obado was not there? And driver drove the car with a tracker to the scene with the bodyguard. You can’t make this stuff up



Yours is covered up by admin . Ile ulitomba mtoto wa shule