DJ Brownskin living his best life after his wife took poison


Women get over men faster than men get over women let the man enjoy a man to woman is so easily disposable so if the lady wanted to go rip


Generally, women do not regard men highly.

In their eyes, we are only a means to an end.

If the benefits stop, you become useless to her hence their ability to move on quickly


Looks maybe deceiving…That guy will continue having mental issues.

I sympathize with anyone trying to have a relationship with him…He’s damaged goods due to his narcissistic attitude during his wife’s struggles. Human brain cannot be tricked!


Someone was telling me women who have that nose ring are LGBTQ. Ni ukweli wadau? Ama story za kaveve

Your great great grandparents had piercings like those walikuwa pia LBGTQ manze.

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Not the same thing. The type of nose ring and even chain worn have meaning to those in that community. I was told for example a chic with like horn nose piercing means she is the ‘guy’. There is also something about the pendant hanging on a chain which identifies kama ni ndume or dem… I was pertaking so couldn’t grasp everything I was being told.

Hapa hakuna kazi

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kwani ni yeye alimuua. Am sure he’s not made of stone, the issue of their problematic marriage must have been eating at him too. Only he was braver one and did not take poison. There is no requirement under the law to help someone if they take poison ata mbele yako. Even right now if your wife says she will stab herself, you should always make sure you record her doing it, otherwise utagongwa na maslaugher. imagine if the DJ had not been filming, saa hii wangekuwa wamemuekea kesi zote, and even convinced the children to lie about what happened. He is lucky he had the mind to record that day


social media ni noma. Yaani hiyo beach mbaya ya Pirates imefanywa ikae mrembo hivi? :grin:

The best way to forget your dead wife niungie mkia ya dem


Huyo DJ anakaanga mumama, lazima huwa anafunguliwa boot

Hapo si pirates mblo, Ile nyumba ya majini located on the right while facing the ocean has a diffrent design.

Tattoo + bull :ring: is a big NO.

Why does he look so distracted, like he is very deep in thought?

Nothing wrong with the self-confession of being a narcissist. :grin:

if i am a narcicist, that means whatever you say to me has no deep meaning to me as i would not feel any real emotions