The long rains have started and we thank God for that,It is my hope and prayer that some parts of this great country are going to enjoy bumper harvests.However,there are claims that there is a correlation between harsh weather and our election years.
In the run-up to the August 8th General Election and later on a re-run on 26th October and as happened during previous polls,is plagued by drought,famine,rationing of the essentials of life,including water in towns,just recently hospital lifting of babies in our biggest referral and a wrong patient having a brain surgery.
I believe that during elections, "Kenyans displease The Lord with their actions and His response is to unleash hardships for their repentance,or is there a more plausible explanation? Pengine wale walisema mvua utoka mbinguni watuelezee kwa kina!!

Hii mvua imesemekana itaisha na wiki… This Is short rains… Si long


Kazi yao ni kutabiri tu…weather patterns zinaeza change uskie El Nino imekam hata ivyo tutarajie long rains cause you know the repercussions