Dividing Kenya Into Multi-Ethnic Federal States

Kenya is small densely populated country, It has more than 44 different ethnic groups and 68 languages, Most languages are at serious risk of disappearing, Moreover, the current population of Kenya is 55,389,454 as of Today 2021, Therefore, Multi-Ethnic Federalism is best viable option for managing diversity in overpopulated Kenya, The corrupt Kenyan government should look into Multi-Ethnic Federalism.

Besides, Muslims cities like Mombasa are overrun by Nilotic and Bantu Kikuyu, this has to stop.

An example of Multi-Ethnic Federalism is Ethiopia.


Kenya Ethnic map

But it’s not working too well for Ethiopia right now is it?

Wakenya mjichunge sana,niliwaambia Kenya ina issues zake but the enemy has infltrated and is amongst us.

If you interact with real kenyan somalis,their issues are completely different from what alshabaab sympathizers pretending to be kenyans want.

Upper eastern has tribes from Ethiopia as majority,during the kangaroo cessation referendum by somalia bandits,they voted a strong NO.

Coastal Kenya is as shown on the map with the Muslim angle coming from real Arabs like Omanis etc.not confused bandits and alshabaabs.

Just because Somalia has erased her history doesn’t mean you extend that bulshit here,first acknowledged people like those in Barawe and Swahili influence before suggesting rag tag fahad yasin terrorist agenda here.



You need to take your expertise in giving political advice to Somalia. They clearly need it more than us.

Humans will always get a way to divide themselves ! look at the sand dwellers in somalia this idiots seem monolithic but went into clanism like a moth to a flame, time ya Kenyatta senior it was kiambu shiny eye vs muranga shiny eye , in nyanza was the same , Obado is trying to fan this flames to divide tinga’s influence. Waluhya ata tusianze , coast the mijikenda they have sayings like 'mdigo ni mzigo" tells you what they think of each other etc etc .
America ni left and right, vaxxers and anti vaxxers, Uk brexit …

It is not working in Ethiopia. Eritrea was once part of Ethiopia but they broke off. Tigray people now are following suit. Who knows maybe the Oromo will want to break away too in the near future. Imagine an ethnic federal state whose National government is headed by Kales and Kikuyus. Other ethnicities will see foul play and will want no part of that country at all. They will hoard the little resources they have and seced. Look at MRC(Mombasa rep. Council), the Balkan wars, Kashmir, Catalans, Tibet in China.


Kuna watu Bladifakin sana hapa.
Yani We’re trying to unite the East African Federation and you’re talking about Dissolving an entire nation that’s already culturally integrated.
I keep telling you idiots ,Kenya is too mixed up.

Bantu’s in Kenya aren’t pure and neither are nilotes.
I myself have nilotic maasai admixture as a Kikuyu.

Almost everyone in Kenya speaks Swahili which is a bantu language.
We have Nilotic Athletes presenting us globally.

The Kenyan identity is too solidified at this point.

Mombasa was always a bantu city you idiot.

Humans will always be divided against a common enemy.
I’ve always said this. Tribalism is in our nature.

The best way to win is to just create a bigger tribe /group to win in.
This is why I’m more pro bantu than pro kikuyu.

Still appreciate my culture but there’s 8 million kyuks vs 800 million Bantus.
It’s just a smarter way to be honest.

Tribal African is going nowhere lets atleast try and solve corruption.

The solution to the risk of language death is more and better quality vernacular radio stations.

Introducing ethnic federalism for that issue is using a hammer to swat mosquitoes

There is no such thing as "Kenyan Identity.
We have kikuyu, Luo, Kale, kamba etc etc identities

And thereafter , suppose the states decide they want Independence from Kenya … ???

This is a slippery slope that caused so much suffering in Nigeria ( the Biafra War ) …

This is the nonsense currently causing a mess in Somalia and Ethiopia …

Cameroon and South Africa are next …

Careful what you wish for …

I keep saying …
Again and Again and Again …

What Africa in general urgently needs is a Visionary , Nationalist , Focused Servant Leadership Class of Integrity …

Then Bye Bye to Tribalism , Clanism , Sectionalism , Endemic Graft , Grand Corruption and Impunity …

And welcome to Peace , Progress and Prosperity for ALL …
And not for just a chosen few …

That has never worked. It`s in the history books since time ya Roman empire all other societies after. Hiyo itaongeza tu corruption vile haijaonekana …The rulling class from those community will engage in corruption juu wako backed up na community. ( mtu wetu shenanigans )

Individual A from community X akiwa prosecuted members from his/her community will cry foul and accuse the central government of marginalising them and that will be the norm .corruption ita trive as the small rulling class will find it easy to form cartels that support thee corruption.

what happens when Coastal communities decide to form an alliance and make themselves autonomous rendering Kenya or old kenya landlocked.
Tribalism ikatakua even worse sitasema sana
Kuna empire mob sana ata kwa Bible zimefail ivo.

tema iyo mate na usahau kitu ka iyo.

united we stand divided we fall

It is unbelievable that Somalis are in destitute when they own the biggest ocean shore in africa, they occupy the biggest landmass in Africa,same religion, same language, same ethnicity, one of the oldest civilization in the horn of Africa.

It was the same in Rwanda …
That’s the result of backward Policies , Politics and Politicians …

Coast people have only themselves to blame here… Somalis don’t entertain foreigners in their land,you will rarely hear someone talking in Swahili in NFD, even in Somalia amisom are mostly confined to their bases. … In coast, terrorist arabs, mungikis and AIDS infested wazungus faggots run the show, while the natives are either drug addict or prostitute.

Low IQ Nilotic and Bantu machete wielding mobss listen carefully.

Kenya is a creation of the British colonial which will eventually cease to exist as a country in 15-20 years unless something is done to prevent, thus the best way to prevent the country’s disintegration is Multi-Ethnic Federalism States where every language and ethnic group identity is recognized as a self-government, Otherwise, Kenya will disintegrate into 44 independent countries.

@LongerTime Ethnic Federalism works extremely well for Ethiopians, In fact, The Sidama zone has become the 10th Ethiopian regional state after its people won a landslide victory in the recent referendum.


Clan , Ethnic and Tribal Politics have no place in any modern Nation …

Period …

That is the starting requirement for any people who aspire Peace and Progress …