Dividends discounting

Mimi ni member pale stima sacco.
They have that thing of allowing members to access part of their dividends before they are finally declared.
Nilijimess nikachukua some of it,wadau nilijimess.
Ile pesa ningepata ingenisaidia kununua mbao za roofing…
Kitu inaniuma ni kuwa sioni penye nilipeleka ile pesa nilichukua in advance.

@Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe do you remember me buying you beer pale Milimani around Feb.

Naomba hiyo dividend discounting itolewe

Hao ni wake wanakata 7 % one off fee enyewe kubali wewe ni fala tuuu

Never again na usiniite fala,fala hii

Kubali wee ni nongwe

Avoid dividend discounting if you can, you are paying a fee for your own cash. In other news, is your web portal loggin in?

what is the requirement of joining that sacco? Nataka ku deposit kitu kama 1M ivi ntakula dividends ya pesa ngapi mwisho wa mwaka?

Go workhard and come with more money

Nope,it happens everytime the release the dividends

acha ufala jamaa! thats a serious question ngui ino

Like 100k ; @ 10% minimum

weka hiyo pesa kwa govt bond…especially the infrastructure bond which is tax exempt. An interest of around 13% p.a ain’t baaad and they pay their interest bi-annually.

Unaambiwa hio ni peanuts

Wewe na @Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe munachunishana sukuma?

Used to be good, but at the rate we are going, the govt may default in the next few years.

That’s not happening any day soon.

Anakuwaga mtamu sana,unataka game?

Jamaa wana penda pesa chap chap.

The only time the govt outright says it’s defaulting on loans is when it’s on its way to being a failed state.

Lol, and where do you seriously think we are headed?? Please see Argentina as a case study.