Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds

So, in your opinion, those three are the best black countries in the world? Acheni jokes.

actually Dominican Republicans are majority africans or with 50% negroid blood

@mod purple how do you define hate speech? Because this thread is full of it… Or is racism by people of the same race okay?

I don’t see stupidity or laziness here. I see basic human reaction to a massive natural disaster. Watch Katrina’s aftermath in the US for reference. Meanwhile wank your skin off to a preferable shade. Asande.

Hehehe mjamaa kumbe matimes unakuanga knowledgeable?

Ni kweli, kuna blacks wamemix na spanish and natives huko. But umbwa kama @johntez addi gaza msafi na @Markymarc hawawezi kuona hio in their idiotic ramblings.

the white man has done that killing waving machetes, raping, plunder etc better than we could do it in a million years.
You are just looking into the world through the narrow window of the short adult life you have lived.
if you never knew, the only thing that white man cares about is to be seen as good, the most fair, and the best. it is the mechanism by which they trap the rest into seeing them as “good or desirable”. the white man will tell you that the most intelligent people are the chinese and the most foolish are africans. yeye hawezi jiweka kwa hiyo scale. yeye ni malaika hana ubaya wowote. harmless. wapi.

After ametok Sabina Joy

peleka ukuma european talk basi wakupende. kwanza wewe you are a turn coat for deserting your country. You are at the bottom of the pile of those you despise.

am proud to be African if it means waving a panga i will to instill the fear of the superior black race in a mzungu

Racism is prejudice + power. Blacks cannot be racist because they lack the power structure to exercise their “bias.”

Ati atia? Kwa lugha ambayo my negroid head will understand ukiweza

Imagine the pain… praying to your god Jesus every night hoping against hope that something will change overnight only to look yourself in the mirror in the morning and you are still black…

There’s no denying the fact that white skin has immense social currency on the global platform…What are we doing as black people to change these perceptions?

My well travelled American military friend told me that most people are racist because they have not taken time to understand other cultures. Many whites have not come into contact with Black culture and as a result their knowledge of black people is what is stereotyped by media: poor, criminal , diseased, etc.

Yes and? Even when they’re bad they’re better than you

How did the japanese react after their natural disaster?

punda umebisinya sasa wewe unafanya nini kuchange status quo or is it just that you have a big mouth @Purple hii inakuendea pia kwa macho yangu nyi wote black pieces of white mans shit

So many whiteface negroes on one thread.