Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds

Blacks have suffered a lot for centuries and they still continue to suffer, Dominican republic deporting their black citizens to Haiti just because they are black


Shame, as both countries are on the same island separated by an imaginary line.

Remember Haiti was the first black republic after attaining independence in 1804. Place is the shittiest of all the black shitholes. Anyone in need of further proof that Negroid is backward?? I mean, it’s almost like DR is being blamed by Haitians for their current condition. Same way we like heaping our blames on the white man… and of late the Chinkus

This is depressing but informative

Haiti is the worst country on earth and haitians are the darkest Negros i have ever met outside of the congo. Haiti is a hellhole, jamaica is a hellhole, africa is a hellhole. Hmm I wonder why.

Please don’t forget the blame we east africans were heaping on arabs a few hundred years ago. Don’t forget the blame we heap on indians as well. The Negros is the most innocent creature in his mind and everybody else is at fault. Yes just listen to the negros self pitying cries of persecution as he waves a bloody machete or a smoking gun.
In america negros make up 14% of the population but commit the majority of the rape murder robbery etc. They rape old grannies and children but that is justified because of slavery. Even though most white people never owned slaves or met a slave or had anything to do with it. Negros are the most savage hypocritical selfish race in the world and are incredibly stupid to boot.

Haitians are evil selfish mean people I have met them. The dominicans I have had the worst experiences with in new york have been the ones with haitian blood. They are right to kick out haitians. The difference between dominican republic and spain is the haitian blood. Here in america haitians beat and torture their children and sometimes kill them for rituals. The only thing darker than their skin is their black hearts. Haitians are sick in the head they deserve the hate they get.

Thousands of years of evolution are not imaginary. Dominican republic has spanish blood while haiti has primitive central-west african blood and the difference is clear.

:smiley: I can’t blame the Dominicans, negros are stupid and lazy.

Haiti nimaumbwa garseer tucker tucker. Meffi

After gaining independence they were isolated by the world back then, no white country would accept to work with a black nation formed by former slaves, isolated and unable to trade and having had their resources depleted by the french Haiti could not prosper

Nice piece thanks

Oh yes, there’s always an excuse

I was listening on the radio here to a story about how, after a hurricane hit and destroyed thousands of homes and there was no government services, these two teenage white girls managed to bring the community together and worked to organize and direct the people so that everybody had a place to sleep, food, water, etc. Listening to them tell the story of how they worked the logistics and I was very struck by their ingenuity and intelligence. One of the girls relatives was missing during the whole ordeal and actually turned up dead but she was able to pull herself together and do what she needed to do.

But watching these savage thirld world negros run around looting and waving machetes and screaming hysterically really puts things into perspective. THIS is how you handle a disaster. THIS is how you heal a community. Those mzungus could learn a thing or two

The only countries with a semblance of civility in the whole of Blackman’s shithouse is KeTaU i.e Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Lots of non-blacks in this place hope I am not wrong this place smells of white people what kills the negro ni inferiority complex kuchukia fellow blacks na kuona Kama other races(whites)ni mungu

In my opinion, it’s only Botswana that comes close.

Ngz will always be ngzz.

How many black people are on kenyatalk seriously I feel like I’m the only one

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Have you ever been to Botswana?

Bahamas, Barbados even T&T are not that bad, and Botswana is doing much better than hio Ketau yako.

Mjamaa don’t bother…the self loathing in this thread by our “white” negroes is on another level…the fate of haiti was sealed when they killed and defeated their former masters…but of course the negroid blood in this thread will only see what it wants to see