Diversity hire pretends to be sad.

In reality, he is thankful that hiyo shoka haikumpata vile alikuwa BBC. Coming to his skills, [SIZE=5]personally[/SIZE] I think Larry is extremely overrated and there are fine KE journalists who are far superior than he is. CNN hired him to fulfill the Black quota and pander to the liberals. Otherwise recession ikiendelea CNN would axe him very fast and replace him with a fine Missouri lass complete with blue eyes.


Nimewatch Larry Madowo tangu enzi za PM live, akiwa anakaa njaa, huko nje ya KICC, kijana ako na bidii, mgala muuwe lakini haki mmpe. Hakutishika akina Mating’i wakitishia media, hadi column yake kwa daily nation ikapotea. Wengi kwa io industry yuko wanaheshimu yeye, sana.

Madowo ni mfano mzuri kwa wakenya. Young people can aspire to be like him.


I met him back in 08 or 09, he was hosting an entrepreneur show on ktn, he interviewed me after a referral back then he was a very down to earth guy but very curious and sharp - lakini back then alikuwa anaka tu shida. watu wengine hutoka mbali

Wacha Uwivu Kijana. Clap for others and wait for your turn.

I met him when Microsoft was launching windows 10 in Nairobi, I think 8 or 9 years ago. The guy is sharp, down to earth and cracks a lot of jokes with guys from any walks of life.

Hii yako ni wivu.

Madowo is very articulate and researches well on all issues he talks about, too bad he is abit wokey but in that industry you have to be to survive since the left owns large media , the only beef I have with him is when he tried to get Muchiri fired from Capital FM for making fun of him (atleast according to Muchiri) .
Jamaa akona bidii ya mchwa, very proud of this Kenyan son !

We mbwa I clearly said personally, hadi nika-underline na nikabold for low IQ simpletons like you.

Nimesema personally we ghasia. Low iq ni kitu mbaya sana

wivu ni dalili ya ushoga kwa mwanaume. Oya @Aka mpole kama unataka kukamua Larry madiwo sema tuu directly

Larry is a super talented chap, close to perfect give him his credits unless you never used to watch the guy…hii BBc africa hakuna kitu yenye huwa wanafanya just some lacklustre shows hapa na pale zenye unaona lack originality and are all over the place…instead of them telling African stories as how them as African see them hao wanatry to tell African stories the way the World sees it

Projecting as usual

Hii nayo nakataa .Huyu jamaa nimekutana na yeye a few times and he’s very smart .I dont understand on what basis you’d say a black kwanza from Africa who anchors on CNN is mediocre .Do you understand just how good he is and how many ceilings he has to break to get there ?

I heard CNN only hires faggots under instructions from Obama

apantambua homosexual Madowo

Now imagine he used to nut inside ile kunguch Betty

Larry is talented and hardworking