I wonder what happened to this “diva”. I feel like buying her chips na maji ya tap pale Sonford ya Moi Avenue. I’m sure she eats fries now.


There’s an 80% chance that she’s a singo matha

huyu ni actor

Those were just actors who did a good job and made the show even more popular back in the days.

It was all acting you doofus

I don’t think it was acting. I met a guy at a friend’s bash some years ago who had been featured on this show. Tulikata tei finaly nikamuuliza tu aniambie ukweli if that show is real or not. He told me it’s real kabisa. Yes, you get paid 10k if the episode you featured in airs but the date is real kabisa kabisa. No script, no faking. That was the old Tujuane though. Hii Tujuane mpya Tujuane X I think nayo it’s fake coz i’ve spotted several actors on that show who keep appearing in other local productions. Anyway, this Danny guy is the guy I spoke with:


Do you remember around 2010 when almost all Kenyan music videos were being sponsored by a company called “Bernsoft?” That was one of the Skiza tune suppliers who minted big when those things were trending. Mwenye Bernsoft ndio akakula huyu diva and within less than a year of this episode airing akakuwa singo maza

i don’t like such, you stress yourself to the grave na all am after is that red-pink hole

She is a single mom

Kasistee kaumbwa sana ako:D:D:D:D… Very stupid

actress ama actor? madam templa

Bring her to Sabina joy I fwak her

Opinionated waste of time…
Stay away from these kinds of women … :smiley: