Ditch The Meat

Adopting a vegan diet has a direct link to better health and reduced cases of chronic diseases.

This documentary explores how the factory farms which give us our meat, dairy and eggs contribute to the world’s collapse in environment & health including Covid-19.


left wing propaganda.

How now? Our chairman amerix advises we take meat and dump any other shit

Unasema nini, muwache nyanya choma

Yaa ii ni gani tena?

Jokes on you if you don’t realise that cattle farming will be made illegal in the near future to be replaced with fully lab grown meat

Vegans say that fish is not meat. Crazy

Said who?

What is the near future though? A decade? A century? And consider that cattle barons are up there with oil, tobacco and pharmaceutical giants in the kind of clout they command. I mean the global meat industry is worth roughly $2 trillion! Can you make sense of those zeroes? That’s A LOT of money. You think they can’t spare a few billions on politicians and other policy makers to influence their interests? I think the only way humans will collectively switch to lab grown meat is if cattle go extinct.

Ati Ditch the Meat …??


Our Ancestors ate it for millions of Years and there were no COVID-19 type pandemics…

Try another theory … :smiley: