disposing your friend's body

Turns out there’s a talker who killed, buried his friend and lied to the relatives about the friend’s whereabouts.

Here: https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/whats-the-worst-decision-you-have-ever-made-in-your-life.238856/page-13

I don’t buy the story about a road trip to malaba. These idiots must’ve gotten into a fight over a girl – a smelly hooker. He must’ve stepped on the friend’s neck until he was dead.

If it was truly a road trip, there’s a chance the dead guy might’ve informed someone about the trip. And whenever anyone is looking for a missing person, first thing the police do is triangulate his last movements. If someone reports that you had gone for a road trip together you’re fuacked.

So I call bullshit on the whole road-trip thing.

When a person is reported missing, the police will question all the known associates. The family will visit his place of residence and ask around.

So unless the victim was a person who was unlikely to be reported missing (unemployed orphan) his narration is a pile of @Matapiko.

sodomite love triangles zinatuhusu aje?

If you do planned road trips then your life might be a bit boring. Most road trips for me are unplanned. Sunday afternoons, little cruise, plan is go to the dam get some fish then head home/local. Kufika I feel like it’s hot and I need a swim, and I find myself 100km away having a cold Guinness having had a good swim. It gets worse if you have spare money and friends who drink and you are all young. Before Gugu was in our hands, because I am that old, drinking in Nairobi and waking up in Nakuru, not knowing how you got there was a norm. Once I woke up in Tala.

You must have been sodomized many times, bila kujua that is:D

i remember those days tunaanza kulewa Nairobi the next minute we wake in Nanyuki next day Machakos all unplanned bora pesa, gari na female company ,rende ya 4

Best road trips are planned. If you don’t plan, you typically don’t go far. 100-150 km. Road trip to Wajir or Kampala. That is something else.

We once planned to road trip to Nakuru with three friends but found ourselves in Busia karibu na Boma ya old senile demented fossil @Abba