Displacement is the shifting of actions from a desired target to a substitute target when there is some reason why the first target is not permitted or not available.
Displacement may involve retaining the action and simply shifting the target of that action. Where this is not feasible, the action itself may also change. Where possible the second target will resemble the original target in some way.


  1. The boss gets angry and shouts at me. I go home and shout at my wife. She then shouts at our son. With nobody left to displace anger onto, he goes and kicks the dog.

  2. A man wins the lottery. He turns to the person next to him and gives the person a big kiss.

  3. A boy is afraid of horses. It turns out to be a displaced fear of his father.

  4. I want to speak at a meeting but cannot get a word in edgeways. Instead, I start scribbling furiously.

  5. A religious person who is sexually frustrated focuses their attention on food, becoming a gourmet.

  6. A woman, rejected by her boyfriend, goes out with another man ‘on the rebound’.

The aggressive drive may be displaced quite as much as the sex drive. Unnecessary arguments and an over-the-top obsession with sex are also examples of displacement.


I’m too hangovered to comprehend what you are saying. Acha nichape shot mbili then I’ll be back.

Hiyo no 3, could the boy have stumbled upon his father DFing a horse and is therefore afraid of the same happening to him?

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Displacement najua ni the volume of fuel an engine can accommodate.

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