The Disney brothel located behind Modern Coast closed down afew weeks ago.

Im loving the CBD because brothels are closing down, and more churches are coming up in almost every location of town - we need this as a country and city.

Righteousness exalts a nation.

Brothels closing down is a good thing but churches coming up means the con game is rising.
I would be happy to see diverse businesses coming up, not churches

only regular customers will know if a brothel has closed

Brothels haziwezi isha moja ikifungwa mbili zinafunguliwa and fuck all of you self righteous fools

Only a fool would celebrate churches coming up in the CBD instead of new businesses. Hii religion ni kama ililetwa ndio itufanye tukuwe wajinga.

Umbwa, wewe ni homosexual kipiii tuu

you’re the biggest cons seeing that you have the biggest conman for a prophet

Thanks, you’re so kind.
But on the real, aren’t churches conning people off their money?
This isn’t even arguing about religion.
It’s an open thing and the pastors don’t even hide it, it’s on live TV.

A brothel closed down…and then a church comes up…dont you see how ironical that is??

We better have a 1000 brothels than Pastor Ngangas