Dismembered woman's remains in suitcases in Manhattan high-rise apartments

@Nameberry1 I’ve been warning people against online dating and watching the company they keep coz nowadays people are just plain demon possessed. Especially women have to be extra careful coz they are too trusting and also physically weaker than men, don’t take men to your house or go to theirs. This world is becoming to dangerous for women. Ladies take care ni kubaya. @Finest wine come see this.


we don’t read these useless threads you post here! stupid sheboon :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi: :meffi::meffi:

Our foolish Kenyan girls cannot be helped. Wamejaa online platforms wakitafuta wazungu. Wanachukua mpaka semi chokoras residing in Council flats, are on state benefits, lonely and some with troubling records on the system. Nyasae atusaidie. Sio the Gulf situation, sio our own Kenyan men…tutajificha wapi?


Its survival for the fittest. If you get desperate and entertain nonsense too bad for you. You must love and protect yourself.