Dishonest Kenyans continues

[SIZE=7]DTB, Family Bank, Harambee Sacco staff nabbed for stealing customers’ cash[/SIZE]

A Diamond Trust Bank manager has been charged in Milimani with stealing Sh25 million from customers’ fixed deposit accounts.

Via Twitter on Sunday, the DCI said Peter Sungu, from Kisii county, was arrested after the theft was discovered through an internal reconciliation process.

At Harambee Sacco, Habil Onyango, who is a front office services activities manager and strong room custodian, removed amounts totaling Sh1,783,392 from the vault and used it for personal purposes.

“The money was meant for the sacco area delegates and miscellaneous expenditure,” the DCI said.

Police also reported that Family Bank Relations Officer Abel Onyango, through swapping SIM cards, accessed customers’ accounts and withdrew Sh1.5 million without their knowledge. He was also taken to court.

Following these incidents, DCI boss George Kinoti told banks, mobile money service providers and regulators that many cases of fraud are by their employees. He advised them to do thorough background checks before engaging them in any way.

:eek::eek: This is propaganda, we all know stealing is only done by mungikis.

They target dormant accounts, hoping that their owners are probably dead

Mjinga sana.Not that am a criminal but In the banking sector, if you decide to break bad never steal anything more than ksh 10 from any account. Just create a system where 10 shiling is transferred to a non affiliated account and after doing that to 10M accounts you have a cool 100M.Rarely will someone complain about a missing 10 shilings from their account, most won’t even realise it. Of course the banks checks & balances in their next audit will get you but by this time you should be in Panama ferking white bitches on a different identity.

…but by this time you should be in Panama ferking white bitches on a different identity.


Heheh amesahau kutag @Wafs

White collar theft is increasing. Bad direction we are headed to

Kweli hapo. You have a point. Watu huku nje wanaiba bila kufikiria.

mahali imefikia it’s safer to just stash your money in your house

staff wa Equity hawajapatikana?

only an expert hacker can get away with that but hii ingine ni manual cash transfer from the account leaving too much evidence

This can be done by the system developers’ side. The tellers are clueless about it.

Wizi watu waachie nyumba.

Shiny eyes are gradually becoming marginalized in their speciality…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: