Disgusting…….seriously, someone rapes a seven month old boy???

at times you feel like breaking into those cells and bludgeoning the suspects to death***
And when will we have serious sexual offences laws?. You feel like killing someone imagining that the culprit will be fed with our taxes.

A couple is being held by police after their seven-month-old boy was sodomised and abandoned in their house. Area County Children’s Director Fred Simi said his officers were alerted by members of the public to a child crying in the house and when they went to check, they found the child naked and frail. “We found the boy with wounds on his buttocks, indicating that the heinous act had been going on for some time,” said Mr Simi. He said the minor seemed to have been left for about four days without food, adding that they took him to Narok County Hospital where after a medical examination, he was found to have been infected with a viral disease. Area OCPD Paul Kiogora said investigations were ongoing. The child will be taken to a children’s home once he is discharged from hospital.
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000216949/seven-month-old-baby-sodomised-infected-with-viral-disease-in-narok

Woii I hope this time sio cendrooo,nimechoka na hizo stories

couldn’t bring myself to read the full story, its just impossible to understand how a sane mature male African adult can even think of doing this let alone actualizing his plans

maybe we should just be allowed to stick him up a stake alive and leave him to die a slow painful death



Heart breaking!!

These are acts I expect from white people not black people and more so not Africans. Over the weekend I was watching a crime documentary where a white guy raped his THREE MONTH baby. He was reported and he knew he would be convicted as a sex offender and therefore he would be molested in Jail. So the guy took a gun and killed a random woman in the neighborhood so that he could go to jail as a murderer not as a sex offender. That way he could get more respect behind bars o_O

Hapa aidha ni bangi na madawa za kulevya, ama ni cult activities tupu. No way a person can do that.


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I can understand your sentiments if you are from cendro; but your concern should be about the baby, not the perpetrator or wherever he comes from.


Waaaaarrrrt! Wah, wazazi wa mtoto wa miezi saba walikuwa wapi for four days???

…oooh Jesus…this is just unfathomable…

[SIZE=5]This makes me so angry ! I want to tie that guy to a chair cut of his eyelids , place a mirror in front of him as I skin his faceoff make sure he sees it, pour gasoline some gasoline on his crouch and watch him burn ![/SIZE]

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huyo mtu ashikwe awachiwe raiya wa deal na yeye

He deserves to be hanged in public, period!!!

I don’t think these things are that uncommon in Africa. They are just not frequently reported by people who fear what it would do to the families’ reputation. If something like this becomes known people will start story za, ‘Hiyo boma iko na laana…’. I shudder to imagine the skeletons in most closets especially in rural areas.



In Busia there was a report of many school girls getting molested by their relatives.

wawawawawawawa this is grosssss kwanza ni boy hata si dem @Gay Lord XII how does one rape a male una mbao aje ? seven month banaa waaaaaaa , hapa ndio inabidi u support Njoki Ndungu .

WTF does this even mean? That it’s easier to deal with and understand if it was a7 month old girl and not a boy? You are just as sick.

What action is being taken by the locals? Having dealt with defilements cases in rural areas, it’s very hard to convict a defiler missing or/and hostile witnesses are the order of the day.