Disgusting Chinks.

I have said this before and I would continue saying this: WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE LEAST RACIST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Chinks are not racist, they are rabidly ANTI BLACK. They hate the very existence of BLACK PEOPLE and if they have their way, they would exterminate you. Atleast whites wanted to dominate you. Zendaya was spared because she is half white and established. @T.Vercetti advise stupid sinophiles like @Ndindu and @Sambamba that Chinks view them lower than how a KKK member would do.


This shows us virtue signaling hollywood are hypocrites. Ikikuja kwa pesa they will side with racists because they themselves are racists.

Nikama huyu alitumwa pahali jana. Sijui atarudi lini?

@purple alienda wapi?

Alijituma Siberia.

Man. So disgusting.




Na @King Robert Baratheon bado ako around,wacha ubaguzi mzee mijinga,Wewe and your crew of administrator mnachokoza yeye halafu akijibu with equal measures mnatupa yeye Guantanamo

So you too have noticed that

Nope. Show me his latest post.

Maybe the poster photographers were in different angles and the chinese cameras didn’t capture the bonobos :D:D:D

Enyewe nimeona hayuko but muwache ubaguzi

You do know that @[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]King Robert Baratheon = [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@T.Vercetti.

No I don’t.

Now you know. Jamaa creates fictional characters. It’s easily detected by a discerning eye.

Bora huyo black beauty amelipwa.Wakimtoa kwa poster,do they also replace her on scenes she played ama?

Are you trying to say am a fool.Usinianze asubuhi

You’re a very foolish gay,mbwa wewe

Iteena ririii

What does that fool do for a living that he gets to register that many handles?

Must be a very idle fella.