As the norm I normally go for workout at the gym from 5pm.Do some cardio on treadmill,cross trainer,bit of aerobics for the 1st one hour,the next is pure lifting kuna siku ya shoulder na biceps,kuna siku ya lower back na chest,na kuna siku ya mguu.Every leg day and shoulder day i have to finish those days off at Sauna or steam bath to hasten the muscles healing process.
Now this gym has attracted lot of the skinnies,you know the North Eastern inhabitants.
They like steam bath sana,so every other time huwa zimejaa huko zikiongea lugha sijui kama wao pia hujielewa.I find myself a spot and sit to feel the menthol find its way in.my skin,such a good feeling. Occasionally there is one mzee who has a tendency of blowing his nose and spitting recklessly.
So today he did it and some viscous substance landed on one of them,but being younger than the mzee he couldn’t talk or question.
I am the one who raised my voice and asked him to observe hygiene.
Sasa all those others who were in there are asking me to apologize to him.
I have told them where i come from respect begets respect but majamaa wana insist,should this matter escalate am not sure how to handle it.
Am not well connected so i stand to lose the fight.I have learnt the kamzee is big businessman pale Eastleigh.
The gym is nice,
Nifanyeje wadau?

Unless they own the gym i dont see why you should be bothered… otherwise report the matter to the management.


Ghaseer, peleka ushoga kwenu duduri

Call them one by one to wipe the spittle of your face, kick box and karateka all of them.
Drill the old mzee in the anus, utaheshimika sana brathe hata u can get the old man giving you a piece of his inheritance.

shaitan,macoko ma ngui

Withue heke wikame wagacuthi uyu

Stand your ground!! But don’t escalate it into something physical. If management insists on chucking you out, then you use whatever tools are available to you (social media) to create a brouhaha. In this age of Covid19, we cannot afford to have people spitting allover like vipers on heat!!

That’s disgusting. I would never be caught dead sharing anything with these untidy animals. Look for another Sauna/ steam bath place away from those pigs.

Jitoe kwa hiyo Gymn. Those nywele makamasi idiots are short tempered and can easily cause bodily harm or worse defending their perceived honor. More so if you are a kafir

Kuja na sausages na pork choma. Thank me later.

Unabishana na watu kwa steam bath na unachukua simu unatype all this?

Kichwa maji,you assumption tells much about your thinking and it’s wanting.
If you have nothing to say don’t say it here

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re gonna get ‘jumped’ one of these fine days. Maybe the whole thing was a ploy to rope you into their madness. I would change gyms if I were you.

Badilisha gym. If you play hero in Kenya utakula copper.

Vile @Session Clerk amesema funga pork na foil paper iive hapo alafu ukianza kukula uwaulize nani anataka. After wamekula uwaambie hao ni nguruwe kabisa.