Most people are not okay with racial profiling, especially in 5 star hotels, and rightfully so. Have you ever thought about the other forms of discrimination that the society is blind to?

  • Age discrimination for instance. When going to a club, the bouncer takes one look at you and barks “over 25 yrs” only. You give him your ID and he sees that you are actually above 25, so he revises the figure upwards to 28yrs:mad:
  • Size discrimination. Everyone has done it. In a matatu, the seat next to that fat lady gets occupied LAST. It’s only natural. I once heard guys commenting about some sponsor saying “sasa huyu na vile ni mnono si anafaa kuwa na gari yake”.
  • If you were born ugly, you just signed up for a hard life. You will hardly get job promotions as slay queens and guys glide past you up the corporate ladder. You will get cropped out of photos many times, its not personal:D and nobody will ever believe you are innocent.
    #Morning rant

ni mungu tu aliku create ukiwa brown skin, give thanks to God

This has nothing to do with what I just posted. Ama people crop you out of group photos?:D:D

Brown skin have you stopped breaking down into a dance and twerk once that song gets played

No!! No!! Respect momos. Tenth world wonder

Calling out on Brew- Westy & 40/40!! I’m a mother of 2 for fucks sake!!!

brownskin @Quanstrom are you a fully fledged Shemale , umeshamea matiti

haha fala sana wewe umenikumbusha hii thread

Masweeps pale secrets. - Entertainment - Kenya Talk

Vineyard na Tribeca walinikataza kuingia eti 25+

Tribeca nilirudi na slay queens watatu in tow na sikuulizwa swali

here’s a break down…
Evan Spiegel [/SIZE][SIZE=4]snapchat C.E.O worth 19 mbirrions[/SIZE][SIZE=6] 25yrs

http://wanna-joke.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/funny-picture-fat-poor-old-man-girl.jpg [/SIZE]
[SIZE=7]F1 boss Flavio Briatore[/SIZE][SIZE=4] fwacked anything wearing skirt and had eyebrows
[SIZE=6]born ugly…
NIGERIA’S EDO state governor Adam Oshiomhole
need i say more…
[SIZE=4]it doesn’t matter what or who you are as long as your pockets are well oiled my fren,how many under age rich kids go to high end clubs and get admittance? it all comes down to money[/SIZE]