Discovering Music: ZaZa

@Mrs Shosho


Come on that kid is good. She’s getting into the art mapema. That’s how geniuses are made.

Okiiiiiiiiii Tommy Okiiiiiiiiiiii. Dunno how I feel about that…mmmmmmmh…she is 4 years old. She is going to trade her innocence and that is not right. Blinging and rapping like an adult I think izza no. Wacha hizo dollars zikae…
I think Baba Blacksheep ryhmes should be her thing…but this is America where anything goes yawaa. Anyway I could be biased as some of my music is not played near our young kids, rules from the boss. But he can play his classical music (masufurias, pots and pans banging) to them…but he gives me his reasons. I am cool with it as long as they get to play footie ([SIZE=1]read Chelsea and disowned if they ever play for ManUseless)[/SIZE] and all manner of sports for me.

What is your view if she was your 4yr old? [SIZE=1]why do I think her Mum might be chasing her childhood dreams thru her?[/SIZE]

Whatever innocence she will lose would happen anyways even without her music career thanks to the wide world web. Case in point is that Consolata kid that was trending some time ago.

If this was my kid I would see it as an opportunity for her to establish a career early on and with proper guidance naona akitoboa.

Lakini I am still cognizant of cases such as Judy Garland and the rest so I would be weary. These days you can shield your kids from the world, you just do your best and cross your fingers.

Mimi ni mtu wa Arsenal.

Weeell well well I disagree. My 4 year old dorra? naah…teenage may’be…it is a no from me although she is doing well.