Discovering Music: Lupe Fiasco - Drill Music In Zion [FRESH ALBUM]




Well. I have no reason I just dont feel Lupe Fiasco

After Lupe Fiascos The Cool…Lupe ali isha ladha.
Lupes mixtape with The Gorrilaz was dope.
Sahi tunangoja Cheat Codes Black Thought Danger Mouse & 2000 Joey Badass.
Honestly Nevermind na Mr.Morale The Hotsteppers ni whatsapp group moja.
Anyway will try it on sunday.

msee disappeared.

Unajua ata nimesahau Kendrick alirelease album :D:D:D:D

I hope Badass project has the same vibe as All Amerikkkan Badass. I really loved that album.

Mimi nimeipenda sana. Anyway, shikilia hii for palate cleanser.

All American Badass iko sawa but im hoping for vibe ya Summer Knights…either way a drop tu.