Discover TAZARA Railway, Built in 1970’s by China CCC, the constructor of Kenya SGR

The Railway extends from Dar to Kapiri Mposhi- Zambia, Over 1860km, Cost of Construction-$2.6bn of Today, Cape gauge, Max speed 110km/hr

During Construction, Many chines lost lives, this was when China had Chinese

Trains looks similar to those of Today’s Kwnyan SGR

Some Images of the stations


Good to Learn some lessons about the Chinese.
Good Day.

Shukran buda,ila tume kucheki mapema.

I am planning to use it from Dar to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia on my way to Harare Zimbabwe.

nimekuwa nikipanga hii safari for along time

am planning for the trip possibly 2020 December:

Nairobi - Arusha
Arusha - Dar
Dar - Kapiri Mposhi
Kapiri-Mposhi - Lusaka
Lusaka - Harare

This is so cool. Imagine riding this train from Dar to Cape Town stopping at the major towns for a day or two. That would be adventurous

For the person needs to have adventure this is route. You can see huge forests, nice hills, mountains, wild animals etc

Chinese ukiwapea contract wanachapa waks

Kuna railway line from dar to cape town?

Infact you can travel to South Africa Via train

it’s not one railway line.
Hiyo Tazara Express iko connected na ingine through Zimbabwe then another to Botswana then finally to SA. Hapa ni tour agent to book your trip ndio iwe smooth

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