Disband Kenya Police. They Are NOTHING BUT THUGS. State Employed Criminals In Uniform

Do serious reforms starting from the recruitment process. Anybody who scored a D and below has no business handling guns, akili zake na ya chura hazina tofauti kubwa.


Imagine a dumb @ss Police thug forces a handcuffed civillian to divulge MPesa PIN the after sending KSh 1,030 to another number number thinks that deleting the SMS will delete ALL evidence that such a transaction was initiated. This are the type of Mucus filled heads that we trust to go to crime scenes and recontruct murder scene.

32 teeth and ability to run 10 Kilometers should no longer be the basis used to hire these boneheads.

recruitment cut iwekwe C plain kwa KCSE . mtu kama @pamba alipata E kwa KCSE hawezi fikiria

I don’t know what it will take for fools to understand that the way the police force is now is exactly the way the criminal leadership wants it.

How do fools expect the biggest thieves in .ke to want a proper disciplined police force ?

The same criminal leadership has been resisting police reforms for over a decade.


[SIZE=7]Why decades of Kenya police reforms have not yielded change

Last year I conducted research on police reform and I interviewed police officers stationed in various parts of Nairobi. It became evident that various forms of misconduct were interpreted as a part of everyday police work.

99.9% are rotten to the core only 0.1% are good.

FVCK The Police


Chura hana meno 32 lakini ako na akili mingi kuliko Karao wa Kenya.

30 years later you’ll be telling your grandkids about police brutality in covid era and they won’t be surprised.

Do you know that if a Kenyan policeman is not corrupt, the other cops treat you as an enemy and are always suspicious of you.

E.g if have 3 or 5 cops patroling on foot or police car where the main thing they are doing is robbing and extorting the public. Then you have on of them who refuses to rob and extort and also refuses to share on the money the others have robbed and extorted. How do you think the others feel about it ?

Its even dangerous to not be corrupt in the .ke police.


And that’s exactly how the system wants them to be. Brainless and evil, otherwise they won’t be able to misuse them to achieve their agenda.

The D- are the most uncouth sobs. I honestly loathe this khasias

Wanarudisha pesa waliyohongana kuingia forces
Shamba ziliuzwa nyumbani.

Finally, someone who can see the bigger picture.

The police is crippled intentionally by the big fish so as to allow them to loot in peace, doesn’t matter if the forces are disbanded.

If the reforms are neglected then you have a largely ignorant group of citizens beating the lights out of a largely ignorant public, and while both broke parties are at each other’s throats fighting for scraps the big fish keep on making a killing.

It’s no coincidence that the mainstream media which is mainly owned by the very same corrupt fish, focuses on the ills committed by the police which unfortunately are plenty. The media also purposefully ignores the protests the junior police who make the majority of the forces.

It’s a technique called infamy where it becomes extremely difficult for two sides with the same interests to see eye to eye.


:D:D:D umenikumbusha juu ya ng’ombe ingine caretaker. Brarry fakin ya mtu nilimtumia rent alafu tukapatana nikamwambia nilipoteza simu during a short convo. The one-brain cell orangutan thought it meant sina evidence ati nimelipa rent so akadai hanipei receipt hadi nilipe tena, feigning ignorance. Needless to say I insulted him mannerlessly and made him feel less than human before proceeding to print out my mpesa statement and demanding afutwe ama nihame, which I later did anyway.

Respect the gallant men and women