3 years down the line you will realize the people you voted for. I won’t bother. I won’t vote again.

:D:D hadi mkaita diamond

Ruto will dismantle kikuyus, just watch.

Am sure your negative oblongata is wishing for this to happen :D:D
Being a sore looser isn’t easy.

He will. Again I have more money than you do. You gonna be poorer. The guy played you.

Thats a silly/childish reaction to the results of a democratic process. How old are you ?

but ile ilikuwa blanda saidi ilikuwa kuleta m’bilia bel nyeri

  1. wakikuyu si fans wa lingala

  2. nyimbo zenye alikuwa anaimba zilikuwa hits kama 35 years ago

  3. majority ya voters wa huko nyeri ni youth wenye hata hawakuwa wamezaliwa wakati m’bilia bel akiwa at her prime


And Raila wouldn’t do the same to kiuks? So lemme get this straight, you ojingabots want us to believe Ruto will foolishly throw away a key stronghold just to lose the next elections. This is a waste of time talking about "ifs"with sore losers …
Anyway…you want to talk about personal wealth now??
:D:D This Bonobo got money eeh… Well done I say. However, Real wealth doesn’t need to advertise itself. That’s the problem with new money bonobos.


Just look at his profile pic, pure immaturity. he has to be in his early 20s.

leave that negative vybe to women

Kwanza next year kutakuwa kubaya with wheat, oil, fertilizer and electronics shortages. Vehicle manufacturers in Germany will suffer. Wholesalers wa hizi products watalia huku.