Disappearing without a trace

I am scared I simply want to vanish without a trace,I haven’t figured what I will do but I hope an idea or two will pop up after vanishing. anyone with help?

My advice, punguza glue ya viatu, also avoid bhang that is grown in red soil/ volcanic soil.

What are you afraid of? Umekamua bibi ya wenyewe?

Substance abuse, especially bhang leads to different forms of phobia, this is the same man who the other day was afraid of taking a bath. Alikuwa na phobia ya maji.
Now, he looks around, and see everyone and everything is against him.

From the village?

Everything in life

@mukuna what’s up? Hekaya priss

Why? Talk brother. Talk bro.

huyu msee ako serious…hata pale afrojiri sacco nimeona akilalamika. Wacha nirudi kulala. ni kiu ya maji imeniamusha

Very simple. Close all your bank accounts. Throw away your mobile phone sim card. Get into a bus to Tz. After entry into Tz throw away you ID documents…

Why do you want to disappear? Umefanya?

@mukuna , talk to us, what seems to be the problem, you never know , someone might be able to offer some viable advise

Relocate to another town, change your contacts but make sure uko na pesa

I would I told you but some of you here already know my real name and my phone number… Totally stressed and extremely scared wish I had the courage

So ur stressed out coz guys here knw your real names and have your contact?

Can these people please reach out to @mukuna

A young musician just evaporated at coast many years ago …remember …amke tukatikee ! We can’t afford to mourn you. .talk bro. Talk

@mukuna kuna talker hapa alinishow ananijua vizuuri
wale talkers nko sure wako na details zangu ni wengi na ninaishi tuu…
lakini kama ni midlife crisis itaisha
ama umehitajika kuoga??


Are you asking for help or fishing for attention and uninformed sympathy??

Get off the web and reconnect with real folks right away.

P.s.Would the Ktalk St. Johns team please stop panicking and administering uncoordinated Last Aid? You did the same when one @Illuminated came here the other day to announce his/her impending suicide.

Passport check
Mastercard with cash
Visa check
One way airticket check
Fika jkia look behind and board a plane never to be seen agsin

…now this is serious…talk!!!